Vis medicatrix naturae

This latin rendering of a phrase originally attributed to Hippocrates - the famous Greek physician and father of modern medicine during the 5th century - literally translates to "the healing power of nature".

We offer a range of activities following the themes of mind, body and soul and can tailor make a session according to the needs of your group.

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Learn how to grow and blend your own herbal tea

This practical workshop will take you from seed to teapot teaching you how to grow, harvest, dry, blend and store your own herbs. We will share our top tips for growing herbs in urban spaces and give you the skills to start creating your own personalised tea blends. You will learn a range of propagation methods and how to mix different herbs for both flavour and medicinal use. You'll take home a herb cutting and a pack of your own hand-made tea bags.



Discover how herbs can help you get a better nights sleep.

This dreamy session will help you to unwind before bedtime by inviting you to experiment with herbal recipes and relaxation techniques. After an introduction to some common sleep-inducing herbs, you will brew up and taste some of our signature blends for resting the body and mind. We will guide you through the process of crafting your own 'before bed' tea bags, slumber spray and herb pillow to take home. The session will finish with a guided meditation focusing on breath, reflection and mindfulness.

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Explore how to make a herbal first aid kit

Learn simple recipes and techniques to harness the healing powers of plants. We'll show you how to grow and forage for herbs to create your very own herbal first aid kit. In this session we draw on recipes from great herbalists from the past as well as our own tried and tested adaptations. You will learn a number of applications and get to make your own medicines to take home including tinctures, cough syrups and healing ointments.