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Herb Tasting: Exploring herbs together

A herb tasting group brings people together to explore the wisdom of our own bodies through meditative tea tasting and knowledge sharing. It is an opportunity to spend some more focused time with 1 or 2 herbs through the experience of our own body and share this with others. It is a very simple process and at the same time very powerful. In this session we will be doing quiet, focused meditations on 2 herbs and explore how they feel for each of us to help us learn more about the herbs, our own bodily experience and how herbs can work for us.

The session will include:

  • A short meditation

  • Silent tea tasting (this will be ‘blind’ meaning we won’t know what the herb is beforehand to allow a new experience to come through) 

  • Observation of the herb’s reaction in different areas of our body

  • Discussion of physical sensations, images and thoughts that come to mind when tasting a herb 

  • Reading, drawing/writing about the herb; connecting with it in a way that works for you

  • Sharing experience and knowledge between us 

We welcome any folk who would like to join us. The session requires no previous knowledge or experience of herbs, meditation or body awareness, just a willingness to explore these collectively. It may be of interest to those looking to deepen their knowledge of a particular herb, are interested in meditation, the body and/or exploring alternatives to the healthcare system that tells us how we should feel in our own bodies. 

This is a community class so please pay what you can from the options below.

from 5.00
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