Getting creative with herbs

Looking for a fun way to celebrate your birthday or fancy something a bit different for a hen party? We have a range of workshops that will show you how to make your own products from herbs and natural ingredients.

Choose from the options below and we will work with you to create a workshop tailored to your needs. We provide bespoke bookings for all our events so please get in touch for a quote.


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Prepare your own herbal cosmetics

Learn how to extract the skin nourishing properties of different herbs by infusing your own oils. We'll guide you through the steps to make your own skin products using ethically sourced natural ingredients personalised with your choice of essential oils. You will learn how to use simple methods to craft your own balms, scrubs and lotions.

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Learn how to make herbal soap

A beginner's guide to the traditional method of cold process soap making. The workshop will demonstrate the whole process and you'll get to decorate your own set of herbal soaps and leave with the knowledge and confidence to continue making your own soaps at home.



Discover the wonders of herbs for your children

This child-friendly workshop will guide you through the basics of incorporating herbs into the lifestyles of your little ones. We will cover which herbs are safe for children to take and how you can use herbs to treat common illnesses and keep your family healthy. Learn some simple recipes and take home your own preparations including herbal tea blends, gentle skin lotions and medicinal syrups.