General Gardening Supplies

The Organic Gardening catalogue -­

Growing Concerns (independent garden centre in Hackney) -­

Organic Herb Seeds

Tamar Organics -­

Vital Seeds -­

Real Seeds -­


Herbal Haven -­


New Horizon Organic Compost - ­ The most commonly available brand of peat-­free compost

Fertile Fibre - Great peat-­free compost options ­-

Coir blocks - Coir is an alternative to peat, made with the husks of coconut shells, it’s the base of many peat-free composts, including fertile fibre listed above. Blocks are a convenient way to get it, as it is compressed, but then expands when in contact with water. Great as a soil texture improver, and as a medium for seed sowing. Many suppliers available.

Coir Jiffy Pellets ­- very handy mini blocks of compost for individual seed sowing. They expand when in contact with water, and are then ready for use. Many manufacturers and suppliers available.

Maxicrop Seaweed Plant Feed ­- Excellent liquid feed -­2/#natfert. This brand can be found in many suppliers including most big garden centres.


Foraging Walks in London

Rasheeqa / Hedge Herbs ­

Handmade apothecary ­

London Wild Fruits ­

Great books for herb foragers

­ Hedgerow Medicine by Julie Bruton­Seal and Matthew Seal

­ The Edible City: A Year of Wild Food by John Rensten

­ The Hedgerow Handbook by Adele Nozedar