Botanical concoctions

Alcohol and herbs share a long history from the mint in mojitos to the chamomile in vermouth. We can provide herb-inspired drinks for your event or run a tailored workshop with your group guiding you through the process of creating your own signature botanical infusions. We use herbs grown locally from our patchwork of sites in Hackney and also incorporate a range of artisan spirits into our signature cocktail blends.

Hire out our ‘Drunken Herbalers’ cocktail bar complete with our experienced botanical mixologist and all the ingredients to create unique herbal concoctions.

We provide bespoke bookings for all our events so please get in touch for a quote.



Sugar and honey syrups are used to capture the flavours stored in the oils of fragrant herbs. We use lemon verbena to add sweetness to the spirits used in our summer shaken cocktails. These are proving to be a favourite with anyone who has a weakness for a sweet tipple. 



Bitters have been used since the days of the Ancient Egyptians who would preserve medicinal herbs in grape wine. Today we use bitters to add an extra dimension to our drinks. A bitter of fennel seeds adds a twist to our sour digestif, the ideal post-dinner pick me up. 



A tincture of Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is a powerful sedative and proven to have a calming effect on anxious minds. It makes the perfect addition to our before-bed herbal nightcap helping to transfer you into a deep sleep. Just make sure you have this one at the end of the night!